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About Us

Your Child Is In Great Hands

Photo credit: Tzu Chi Singapore


Tzu Chi Early Learning Brisbane is an early childhood education service for families and children operated by the UN-accredited NGO – Tzu Chi Foundation. Our program is based on thematic units that encourage curiosity in learning and focus on character education, helping children become bright, kind, honest, and responsible global citizens. Our holistic curriculum nurtures children's spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social, and creative skills, ensuring that they are fully prepared for further education.

Tzu Chi’s comprehensive education approach emphasises teaching moral values and life skills. Quality education with benevolence and selfless giving is our motto; respecting lives and having faith in humanity serve as our guideline.


We provide a safe and wholesome environment for children, with well-trained and experienced educators and staff dedicated to promoting children's development. We offer various activities and programs to support children's growth and learning in a bilingual English and Chinese environment, including play-based activities, language development programs, and early literacy and numeracy programs. Our educational programs are reflective of emergent strategies and adhere to guidelines set by ACECQA, National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework. Our programs reflect children’s interests and are implemented daily.

In addition to our focus on early childhood education, we are committed to promoting Tzu Chi's values of compassion, respect for life, and environmental conservation. The centre is designed to be environmentally sustainable, focusing on reducing waste, promoting recycling, and teaching children about the importance of environmental protection.


Photo credit: Tzu Chi USA

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