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Why choose our centre?

Character Education

Gratitude, respect, and love are the three main pillars of this program. We endeavour to foster the development of virtue, self-confidence, and social skills in children, encouraging a sense of responsibility towards the environment and nurturing a mindset that values compassion, inclusivity, and a humanistic perspective.

Humanistic Culture Program

Classes such as tea art/appreciation and flower arrangement are aimed to help children cultivate a refined character and demeanour. They get to learn the way to make tea and the etiquette of serving tea during a tea art class, while in a flower arrangement class, they learn to appreciate and cherish the beauty of life and nature.

Education for Sustainability

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability demonstrates our dedication to nurturing children and their future. Recycling household waste items for arts and craft, vegetable patches grown from seedlings, recycling bins, and rooms that welcome plenty of natural sunlight are all part of the learning journey.

Bilingual Environment

Weekly Chinese language and culture focused curriculum delivered by a team of our qualified and experienced bilingual staff. 

Children will be encouraged to speak, read, write and listen to English and Mandarin Chinese on a daily basis to ensure that they are immersed in both languages from an early age.

Chef Prepared Vegetarian Meals

Wholesome and nutritious vegetarian meals prepared by our chefs daily, including morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and late afternoon tea. 

Being compassionate towards animals can make children happier, kinder, and better stewards of the earth.

Natural Outdoor Environment

Green outdoor areas including bike track, sandpits, and mud kitchen to connect your child with nature, encourage physical activity, and support their mental health and wellbeing. Our 'sky garden' is an outdoor herb and vegetable garden and sustainability program that teaches children how to grow food and care for their environment.

Community Engagement

Enhancing a child’s connection to their community through exposure to new experiences, people and places to build a sense of belonging and identity beyond the centre and home environment. 

Professional service incursions such as police and dentist, partnerships with local schools, attending charity events and even more initiatives are in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Bush Kindy

Bush Kindy is an amazing way for children to truly connect with nature and extend their learning experiences. Hand in hand the children head out the gate of our early learning centre and into the community to venture into nature parks. The programs embrace challenges as children engage in problem solving, critical thinking and build independence, risk intelligence and confidence. 

Extra-curricular Programs

Every day we are committed to helping your child learn, explore and grow in a peaceful, vibrant, holistic environment. These programs include physical education, music classes, dance and various forms of art.

We are here to spark the imagination, set foundations for compassionate friendships, and create environments that inspire the very best, from the inside out.

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